The Crystal Bay

Nusa Penida Island is no doubt has many natural hidden beauty places, Crystal Bay or often called Penida beach is one of them to become a popular tourist attraction in Nusa Penida. Crystal Bay is located in Penida beach, in Banjar Penida, Sakti Village. It’s approximately 15 kilometers drive from nearest harbor in Banjar Nyuh or 40 minutes drive from Sampalan.

Crystal bay has a beautiful white sandy beach and clear sea water which surrounded by natural green hilly, so made this beach is most visited by tourist who come to Nusa Penida.

There is a small coral island (atoll) about 50 meters from the Penida shore, called Batu Mejineng, on the top of the atoll there is a Hindu temple namely Pura Batu Mejineng. The uniquest of the small atoll is to become a natural protector to Penida beach from huge ocean wave, so the shore would be safe from the beach abrasion damage.

The Crystal bay is apparently offering many tourist activities from stroll down to beach, swimming, snorkeling and diving. We saw many and busy speed boat in the Penida beach area everyday, the tour operator likely offer underwater activities, because many of them want to snorkeling and diving to see colorful coral and various coral fishes, and if they are lucky, they will see the gigantic ocean sunfish (Mola mola).

If the visitors want to see the overall Crystal Bay scenic from a height, visitor can climb up the hill to the west of the coast past hundreds of permanently made staircases. From the above visitors will be amazed by the view of Crystal Bay thoroughly and see the fascinating small island of Batu Mejineng, and just behind the atoll, clearly visible Nusa Lembongan and Ceningan Island are only separated by narrow Ceningan island strait.

In the south part of the Penida beach area, also can find a spring water which is manage by PDAM to suply raw water to the local people in Nusa Penida.

So, if you want to visit Nusa Penida island, Crystal bay is become the right choice for you and your beloved family  to visit and enjoy the natural, comfortable and beautiful Penida beach, it’s only 40 minutes drive from Sampalan, the center city of Nusa Penida island. The access road now is good enough and really easy to find it [penidavacation]